George RR Martin Reveals He Is Writing The Winds of Winter ‘Every Day’

George RR Martin Reveals He Is Writing The Winds of Winter ‘Every Day’

Fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire franchise have been waiting for the sixth novel for nearly a decade now. But it looks like their wait might get over soon. Taking to his blog, American author George RR Martin has revealed that he has been living in isolation and “writing every day”.

In his latest entry of ‘Not a Blog’, the 71-year-old talked about the coronavirus pandemic and how things were looking even more ‘grim’ than those in the Seven Kingdoms.

Martin wrote that he realized he falls into the vulnerable category, given his “age and physical condition”.

Mentioning that he was feeling “fine”, he also revealed that he was staying in a “remote isolated location” and maintaining the social distancing norms.

Fans are of the opinion that this isolated daily writing might just be what was needed for him to finish the sixth installment in the highly-coveted fantasy series. While the hope of getting our hands on ‘The Wind of Winter’ is a far-fetched one; the popular author gave a hopeful suggestion on how to utilize this free time of lockdown and isolation. He wrote, “reading” was the “best way to pass the empty hours”.

Coronavirus outbreak has taken a massive toll on people across the planet. Over 219,000 people have tested positive with chances of many going untested. The COVID-19 has killed more than 8,900 people globally with several nations announcing complete lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.