Rob Gronkowski will host WrestleMania 36

Rob Gronkowski will host WrestleMania 36

With Tom Brady heading to Tampa, WrestleMania officially has left Tampa. But one of Brady’s former teammates will now have a major role in the process.

Rob Gronkowski has announced that he’ll be hosting the event, set for April 4 and 5.

Reports recently emerged that Gronk would be signing a deal with WWE. He apparently won’t be wrestling, at least not yet.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WrestleMania won’t occur in a stadium but in a studio, the way professional wrestling once regularly occurred. (Indeed, it was once called “Studio Wrestling.”)

So Gronk will be in the studio, and the wrestling will be in a studio. And if Gronk happens to get a little too close to the action in the studio, well, no one will complain.