Many are turning to digital fundraising platforms for financial relief

Many are turning to digital fundraising platforms for financial relief

Trying times often bring out the best in people. We’ve seen it demonstrated time and again when events like natural disasters or even terrorism cripple a region. With established digital fundraising platforms like GoFundMe in place, it’s never been easier to reach out and lend a helping hand.
Crowdfunding platforms, at least when viewed through the tech lens, are often seen as destinations to “take a chance” on a new start-up or an exciting product. But in these difficult times, many are utilizing digital fundraising platforms to try and stay afloat financially.

GoFundMe has set up a general relief fund in which interested parties can donate to help both organizations and individuals. As of writing, the effort has raised more than $45,000 in just five days.

Those seeking a more direct approach are encouraged to support individuals directly. There’s no shortage of coronavirus-inspired campaigns that have already cropped up on the fundraising platform, many of which are featured on GoFundMe’s Covid-19 landing page. Whatever your calling is, odds are, you’ll find a campaign worthy of your support here.

Patreon is another way to directly help creators. The platform is hosting a virtual get-together later this evening to raise funds for artists affected by coronavirus-related cancellations. Patreon admits that it isn’t exactly sure what the event will look like (they’re “making this up as we go”) but with any luck, they’ll see a big turnout.