Want to Boost Your Immunity? Bipasha Basu’s Recipe Might Help

Want to Boost Your Immunity? Bipasha Basu’s Recipe Might Help

While many celebrities are busy sharing different workout at home methods on social media in the time of self-isolation owing to coronavirus, fitness freak Bipashu Basu has shared a tip on how to boost immunity in the most natural way.

Bipasha took to her Instagram account and has shared a recipe on how to make an immunity boosting powder with ingredients easily available in the kitchen. “Have 1 tsp of this powder with hot water…or add to your dal everyday…It’s simple #immunitybooster #loveyourself #loveall #wecandothis,” she captioned it.

Two days ago, when 11 people who were suspected of being infected with the coronavirus ran away from a hospital in Maharashtra, the actress condemned their carelessness and tweeted, “How can people be so ignorant and irresponsible… we as citizens need to be aware and do everything possible for our govt to help us in this situation … not add to it by being so frustratingly irresponsible. Shocked!!!!”

Meanwhile, as part of the World Health Organization’s Safe Hands challenge, celebrities are also taking to social media to encourage hand washing.

WHO has asked dozens of high-profile figures, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, to share videos of themselves washing their hands as a protective measure against COVID-19, the disease caused by a newly identified coronavirus.