Top 10 events in Slovakia in 2020

Top 10 events in Slovakia in 2020

Enjoy autumn in Slovak regions: experience Cabbage Days in Stupava and get scared at Slovak castles.

The oldest marathon in Europe, Peace Marathon in Košice, takes place in early October of 2019 (Source: TASR)

October. The time when leaves turn yellow and red, eventually falling off the trees. It gets colder outside and the days become shorter. Yet, there are still great events to have fun at. How about kiting on a hill?

There are plenty of events to choose from, including some frightening activities at Slovak castles ahead of Halloween:

  1. FOOD: Cabbage Days, October 4-6, Stupava
  2. EXHIBITION: Rafani: The Irrefutability of the Country Beyond the Horizon – Narcissus, New Synagogue, October 4, Žilina
  3. CONTEMPORARY ART: White Night, October 4-6, Košice
  4. SPORTS: Peace Marathon, October 6, Košice
  5. MUSIC: Feel the Roma Music, October 9, Trnava
  6. FILM: International Mountain Film Festival, October 9-13, Poprad
  7. FOOD: Soup Festival, October 12, Košice (postponed to November 30)
  8. MARKET: Trnavský rínek, October 12, Trnava
  9. LANGUAGE CAFÉ: BlaBlaBar #10 English Edition – Literature, October 13, Žilina
  10. SPOOKY DAYS: Ghosts at Slovak castles, October 22- 27, Holíč-Smolenice


The first October weekend is traditionally about cabbage in the city of Stupava, western Slovakia. Although Slovaks use “kapusta” to describe cabbage, people in western Slovakia say “zelé”. One of the biggest festivals in this part of Slovakia tries to preserve traditions involving regional types of cabbage. Local folk bands, different sorts of cabbage soup, and a traditional fair attract thousands of visitors each year.

City: Stupava

Place: Culture Centre MKIC Stupava

Date: October 4-6

Time: 12:00-22:00

Admission: Free

2) RAFANI: The Irrefutability of the Country Beyond the Horizon – Narcissus-RAFANI: O nevyvrátiteľnosti v zemi za obzorom – Narcis

The exhibition project of the Rafani group is intended for Slovakia, working with public and political realities. It refers to the situation of the Central European nation, the specific concept of democracy, the impossibility of consensus, and the media reality. The exhibition consists of several cycles represented by various media – paintings, sculptures and objects. The main medium will be the installation as a whole. It will be a lake drowned in the past, over which the future of conjecture, untruths, and still the same promises hover.

City: Žilina

Place: New Synagogue

Date: October 4-December 1

Time: 13:00-19:00 (Wednesday to Sunday)

Admission: free

A guided tour alongside an audiovisual performance is held on October 18 at 19:00.


Three days and three nights: the international festival of contemporary art returns to Košice. Streets and hidden places in the city will be filled with different forms of art and magic. Each visitor gets a map that will take them to different stops, including a swimming pool, bridges, and courtyards, with attractive installations, concerts, films, literature and much more. More information is on the official website. Also, download an app to make your search easier. You can find more information on Facebook, too.

City: Košice

Place: different venues

Date: October 4-6

Time: different hours

Admission: Free, but artworks marked with a red dot in the map require a BN Pass. Click here to buy it.


Košice will host this oldest European marathon for the 96th time, and one of the best runners in history, Ingrid Kristiansen, will visit the city on the occasion. Do not miss out on the debate with her on October 4. If you would like to take part as a runner, click here to register. Families can register for free to walk 4km in the city centre, on October 5, with Olympic champion Matej Tóth. A pasta party, music marathon and other events will be held in the city as well. You can get to Košice on a special Marathon Express, leaving on October 5 at 11:00 from Bratislava and returning on October 6 at 14:25. Visit the official website and Facebook for more information.

City: Košice

Place: 1 Hlavná Street and other venues

Date: October 6

Time: 9:00-15:00

Admission: Free unless you are a runner


The project of musician Marco Pillo and the Ján Berky Mrenica band brings energy and passion into music, carrying the influence of Roma music out into the world. Pillo and Berky Mrenica have mastered several genres of Roma music, including Gypsy Jazz. Yet, they decided to invite special guest, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jiří Stivín to join them as well. The concert in Trnava will be held in a beautiful synagogue. But Roma music fans may attend the concert also in Košice (Oct. 2, GES Club), Námestovo (Oct. 4, OravaJazz Festival), Martin (Oct. 7, theatre), or in Modra (Oct. 28, culture centre).

City: Trnava

Place: Synagogue Status Quo Ante

Date: October 9

Time: 19:00

Admission: 13. Tickets can be purchased from here, on the site, and at Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava.


Mountain lovers come to cinemas in Poprad, Kežmarok, and Spišská Nová Ves, all in eastern Slovakia. The 27th edition of the festival concentrated to mountain films takes place there in the first half of October. Follow the official website to buy tickets and a complete list of films to be screened.

City: Poprad, Kežmarok, and Spišská Nová Ves

Place: Cinema Iskra (KK), Cinema Tatran (PP), and Cinema Mier (SNV)

Date: October 9-13

Time: TBA

Tickets: €5 (3-5 films in one block). Tickets go on online sale from October 2. They can also be purchased at the Poprad Town Hall from October 7.


Locals call the festival “Polievkáč”. It is a popular street food event, which is all about soups connecting the community. Polievkáč’s goal is to deepen mutual tolerance and respect towards the otherness of different nationalities, minorities, and individuals.

City: Košice

Place: Kasárňe/Kulturpark

Date: November 30

Time: 14:00-18:00 (recommended to come an hour earlier)

Admission: Free, but each soup costs €1. You can buy tickets here or visit the Delta information centre near Kulturpark. All tickets must be exchanged for chips in Delta!


A modern market presents interesting projects to and hold workshops for people living in Trnava. Visitors can also buy and taste products and food from local producers and farmers. In addition, market goers can enjoy street music, public readings, and time spent with friends.

City: Trnava

Place: Kapitulská Street

Date: October 12

Time: 9:00-17:00

Admission: Free


Meet new European volunteers at the culture centre Stanica-Zárečie in Žilina. They will gladly help you improve your English skills. And they will be your guide to the world of English literature, too. There is one small condition to get in: bring your favourite book in any language or a party snack to share.

City: Žilina

Place: Stanica-Zárečie

Date: October 13

Time: 19:00

Admission: Free

Stanica Žilina-Zárečie (Source: FB Stanica Žilina-Zárečie)


Ahead of Halloween, several castles will hold events that may scare you. We have picked two castles: Holíč and Smolenice in western Slovakia where you can enjoy your spooky day. Information will be updated later.

Spooks at the Castle


City: Smolenice

Place: Smolenice Castle

Date: October 26-27

Time: 11:00-22:00 (26th) and 10:00-19:00 (27th)

Admission: 5/child and 8/adult. Tickets can be purchased here and at the Koliba pod Zámkom restaurant.

Spooks at the Holíč Castle

City: Holíč

Place: Holíč Castle

Date: October 21-23 & 24-25